This holiday season, share the magic of a delicious meal with your favorite Brevard Zoo animal

For many of us, the magic of the holidays lies in a delicious meal shared with our nearest and dearest. At Brevard Zoo, it’s no different: everywhere we look, we’re surrounded by stories of the power of nutrition to enrich the lives of the animals in our care.

From custom crafted birthday cakes to medicinal diets for our Sea Turtle Healing Center patients, our animals’ meals are prepared with love and expertise to help them grow, heal, and live their best possible lives.

For as little as $5, you can help give a magical meal to the animal of your choice this season and beyond.

Pick Your Favorite

Whether you like your zoo animals furry, scaly, big, or small, you can pick your favorite—or two, or three—and help support their nutrition needs for as little as $5!

A Beary Special Story

Abandoned bear cub Fruit Cup was starving and emaciated before Brevard Zoo gave her the lifesaving magic of a meal. Will you help more bears like her?

A Meal to Shellebrate

Sea Turtle Healing Center patient Jellybean made a full recovery thanks to the restorative magic of quality nutrition. For $10, you can provide a day’s worth of magical meals for a turtle like them.  

Monkey Magic

For rescued spider monkey Mateo and diabetic cotton-top tamarin Cricket, a few good meals made all the difference. For just $25 you can give a little magic to the entire troop.

The Miracle of Motherhood

Our specially prepared diets worked some magic for a baby impala in need of a mother. Will you give hope to the new mother and baby pair?

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